Welcome to steviclogistics.com

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Stevic Logistics Website. By accessing this website, we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use https://steviclogistics.com/ if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page. The condition of handling the goods shall be the conditions stated herein unless specifically by the carrier.

1. Charges and Billing: The agreed shipment cost will be paid online before the shipment will be accepted by the carrier.

2. Extra charges: shipment not claimed within 3 working days at its arrival shall attract a daily demurrage charge.

3. Right of Inspection: the carrier has the right to inspect the goods without prior notice of the shipper, which include the right to open and inspect the goods.

4. Deliveries and Undeliverable: shipment shall not be delivered to postal codes but to the receiver’s address.

4.1 Home deliveries are only on special arrangement with the shipper (Stevic logistics)

4.2 In situations were the receiver fail to claim the shipment, the send will have to pay for it return fair to the send.

5. Credentials: all necessary document concerning the shipment may be requested for upon shipment.

6.Identification: The shipper will need to submit a copy of his/her national identification.

6.1 The shipper is not allowed to ship perishable goods or goods more than 50kg per items except on special arrangement with Stevic logistics to use other of our services.

7. Damage or Lost Item: in case of loss item, the carrier will take partial/fully responsibilities for the lost towards recovering of the item.

7.1 In the case of damage items the both parties involved in the case will take full/partial responsibilities for the damage.

8. Claims: All claims must be submitted to contact@steviclogistic.com or a written mail forwarded to the head office 207 Nnebisis road, opposite polarise bank before interbua roundabout Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

9. Notification: Upon getting a quote and adding the shipment, a notification about your shipment will be sent to both parties without a printout of your shipment.

10. Disclaimer: you are responsible for shipment, when the needs will arise.